Segmented Fluid End

RAPTORTM is proud to offer the Patent Pending OSPREYTM. The Most Advanced Segmented Fluid End in the Industry for the Well Stimulation Pump.
The OSPREYTM is a True Segmented Fluid End that the numerous features make it the only fluid end design that actually helps pay for itself.

Our New Sustainable Segmented Fluid End designs offer:

  • The most flexible and adaptable fluid end available today.
  • Only Stainless Steel Construction. We do not offer any obsolete alloy fluid ends.
  • The fastest fluid end release in the industry.
  • A true segmented head offering individual part replacement in the field. No need to return to shop because of a cracked head for example.
  • Any individual part can be removed, in the field, without removal of the entire unit.
  • The fastest and easiest valve change in the industry.
  • No need of a back access, that weakens and contributes to the cracking of any fluid end that requires the back access for intake valve, spring or seat replacement.
  • The strongest and longest lasting intake valve spring retainer in the industry.
  • Main pressure flow is kept in a controlled path, above the valve and spring, giving less resistance and interruption to the flow and longer life to head and valve assembly.
  • The different areas of the segments that come in contact with the frac fluids can be hard chrome plated to extend the life even further.
  • A new patent pending Ratcheting Packing Nut that cannot come loose and brings adjust ability to all packing’s for extended life.
  • A new patent pending discharge cover nut with a larger wrench to diameter ratio with no center hole that offers easier removal and less Corrosion between adjacent parts.
  • The new design can be adapted to most frac pumps.
  • The only True Segmented Fluid End offered for FMC, SPM and GD component style power frames.
  • Many design features that really extend life that cannot be duplicated by any other fluid End.
  • The maintenance of the fluid end is straight forward and intuitive.
  • The quick release feature of the OSPREYTM can be adapted to any stay rod or component power frame.
  • Will help lower the “over buy” of fracking units by reducing the number of fracking units that are constantly out of service for maintenance that cannot be performed in the field.
  • A real break away from the existing fluid ends.
  • A true GREEN and Sustainable product.


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