Plungers Chrome Plated

  • Several Styles offered.
  • Chrome is Superior to Spray metal parts.
  • Available Sizes 4”,  4 ½”,  5”,  5 ½”,  6” .
  • Chrome Plungers can be stripped and re-plated several times to new condition. When a spray metal Plunger is worn out or damaged it is scrapped because spray metal parts are NOT repairable. To throw away the amount of cost and resources used to produce a finished sprayed Plunger is a Tremendous Waste of money and resources.
  • The Chrome’s much higher hardness than the spray on products increases the plunger’s life and a lower drag coefficient increases packing life and can offer an energy savings unlike spray metal parts.
  • Our plating processes exceeds all local, state and EPA standards. Our chrome shop runs a closed loop system that produces no liquid waste stream. A state of the art air pollution prevention system that exceeds the air quality standards set by the EPA. Our impact on the environment is much less than the hazardous spay metal methods.
  • A true GREEN and Sustainable product and operation.
  • RAPTOR will not offer any hazardous and resource wasteful spray metal products.


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