Patented Pony Rod Assemblies:

  • We are proud to offer our New Sustainable Pony Rod Assemblies. Each part of the Patented assemblies can be individually replaced. The most common replacement will be the Sleeve of the pony rod. The design provides very easy replacement of the Sleeve in the field and not the resource wasteful scrapping of the metal sprayed pony rod. A True GREEN and Sustainable product.
  • Several different styles offered
  • We are currently offering a sleeve surface that is 70 RC and is Teflon Impregnated. That gives the benefit of increasing the life of the Sleeve and will extend the life of the seal in the power frame. In the future, the sleeve will be offered in many long-lasting materials such as composites that could offer a longer life and be more compatible with new better wearing seal designs and materials.
  • Another great benefit is that the surface of the Sleeve has a TellTM that informs you when it needs replaced by changing  COLOR. You get a complete life of the Sleeve because it TELLs you when it is worn out.
  • If the cap or the sleeve is damaged just the cap or sleeve can be very easily replaced in the field, if necessary, without removal of the pony rod base. This saves taking the FRAC pumping unit out of service and returning it to the shop just because a cap or sleeve is damaged.
  • The cap and sleeve can be manufactured out of many materials such as Stainless Steel for a corrosive application demand while you retain the strength and cost benefit of the heat treated alloy base
  • You can expect the main non-wearing parts of the assembly to last up to 4 new power frames with 4 rebuilds each through normal use* giving a great cost savings over the life of the pony rod.
  • RAPTORTM will not offer any resource wasteful, hazardous spray on products.

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U.S. Patent Registration No. 9,464.661



* Normal usage
The following of the manufactures recommended maintenance, replacement of parts and overhaul recommendations. No more brass sleeve changes are considered four major overhauls to a Raptor Designed and built power frame under normal running conditions at the recommended overhaul schedule. We do not cover any misuse, modification, abuse or not following instructions to any of our products.