Our Pledge

To produce the most Powerful, Versatile, Longest Lasting Power Frames, Fluid Ends and Parts in the market place that are Sustainable and offer the highest value of any manufacture.
When the time comes our product will offer the most Favourable Rebuild or Repair Path in the industry for the end user.


  • Power Frames designed to be Sustainable and stay in the field longer because of the many parts designed to be repaired or replaced in the field. One example of our design: a failed Pinion bearing that damaged the Pinion bore can be repaired in the field.
  • Our Power Frames will be easily adaptable to either Diesel Engine or Electric Motor Drives and offering versatility not seen in today‚Äôs designs.
  • Segmented Fluid End designs that offer Replacement of whatever part needs replaced in the field. Flow paths through the fluid ends that offer paths of a less resistance than any fluid end in the market and no one can duplicate the advantages of this difference that not only offer a longer life but also offer an energy savings. Economical stocking of individual segments of the fluid end for replacement in the field instead of stocking entire fluid ends for replacement of units taken out of service for replacement in house. Pressure and Intake Heads that fit a variety of different size plunger manifolds. The advantages of this design can literally help pay for its self.

Our products will help cut down on the overbuy of Frac Units that has to be bought to keep Frac Jobs moving.

Our advanced Patented and Patent Pending Sustainable Power Frames, Fluid Ends and Replacement Parts will offer the Highest Return on Dollar Spent of any manufacture!

We are American Owned and Operated. All Materials are sourced, Machined and Assembled in OUR America.

Let us Work Together to make America Great Again!