Combo Cross-Head Assembly

Our Patented Combo Cross-Head Assembly may be one of the most Cost Effective designs ever offered for the frac pump power frame. The assembly will change your way of looking at length of life, a true reduction in major overhaul cost, turn around times and is a very Sustainable product.


Some of the advantages of the Combo Cross-Head Assemblies:

  • The Pony Rod is integral to the Cross-Head Assembly. No labor in installation, removal or possibility of coming loose.
  • The Pony rod has a replaceable Sleeve and Cap. It has all the same advantages as our Patent Pending Pony Rod Assemblies long life and extremely easy replacement in the field.
  • The sleeve has a TellTM. The sleeve changes COLOR and TELLs you when it is time to be replaced.
  • A RAPTOR FRAC PUMP designed Power Frame with the New Combo Cross-Head Assembly in a major overhaul will require No More Brass Sleeve Changes for the life of the power frame under normal usage* and will Always bring the fits Back to Original Factory Clearances.
  • A Retro Fit of RAPTOR’S New Combo Cross-Head Assembly to your existing power frame will allow several rebuilds without Brass Sleeve Changes and will bring the fits back to Original Factory Clearances.
  • A Major Overhaul will be the Fastest and most Cost Effective in the market. A True Resource Saver and Money Maker.
  • The base of the Combo Cross-Head never sees any wear and will last up to 4 new power frames with 4 rebuilds each, under normal usage*.
  • The Combo Cross-Head was designed with a superior lubrication scheme that will extend the life of the brass guides sleeves longer than the poor lubrication path offered by the stock design.
  • Wear surfaces of Combo Cross-Head Assembly are easily replaced and are offered in different sizes and materials.
  • The Combo Crosshead is a GREEN and Sustainable product.

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U.S. Patent Registration No. 9,464.661

* Normal usage
The following of the manufactures recommended maintenance, replacement of parts and overhaul recommendations. No more brass sleeve changes are considered four major overhauls to a Raptor Designed and built power frame under normal running conditions at the recommended overhaul schedule. We do not cover any misuse, modification, abuse or not following instructions to any of our products.