All manufactures say they have improved their pump lines and have extended the hours of operation. I believe that to be true. Better monitoring systems, a material or small design change that may have had some impact on pump life but no real significant change that puts one manufacture above the other. Looking at the actual improvements into the technology that prevents deterioration as a result of use has seen no ground breaking breakthrough. If there were everyone would be using it.


New pumps are still required, parts still break or wear out and the pump still needs a lot of attention throughout its service. Large machine manufactures and service providers have no true incentive to really reduce cost to the end user because stock holders would not tolerate the loss in revenue. Is it good for Our Country’s Economy, Our Manufacturing Base or Our Work Force if those products are produced outside Our Country? We are of the smartest and most innovative people on earth. There is no reason to support a foreign country and turn our back on Our America.


RAPTOR’S new TALONTM line of power frames, part assemblies and chrome alternatives take advantage of our country’s strengths. When most of the parts do break or wear out in our new assemblies you change only the part that breaks or wears out, many in the field. Most of Raptors patented or patent pending assembly’s wear parts can be changed faster and at less than half the cost of any manufactures products. A RAPTORTM designed frac pump line will not require replacement Brass Guide Sleeves or the non-wear parts of the Crosshead, Conn Rod or Pony Rod assemblies for the useable life of the power frame and most of the moving parts can be reused as New in your next new power frame purchase offering a true value above any manufacture.


Our Chrome Plungers and Pony Rods can be rebuilt several times. Their much higher hardness increases the plungers and pony rods life and a lower drag coefficient increases seals and packing life and can offer an energy savings unlike resource wasteful spray metal parts that are discarded after their one use. Our plating operation has no liquid waste stream and exceeds all recommended EPA air quality standards. A true GREEN and Sustainable product and operation. RAPTOR will not offer any hazardous and resource wasteful spray metal products.


We are ready to unveil the most advanced fluid ends in the industry, the OSPREYTM line. The OSPREY offerings are true segmented fluid ends, not a mono block sliced up like a loaf of bread. We just finished extensive F.E.A. testing and are producing the first prototype. These new fluid ends can actually help pay for themselves with the true advantages and savings they bring over the competition. The new Quick Release Segmented fluid end line is adaptable to any Stay Rod or Component style power frame and all fluid end components can be replaced in the field.


A study in the advantages of RAPTOR’S new assemblies and segmented fluid heads revealed that they were inherently GREEN in nature. The path offered by our Sustainable products give a real pricing advantage over the life of our products vs the other manufactures.


Profitable well stimulation companies of the 21st century will reduce their impact on the environment, conserve natural resources and reduce operating cost. This Progressive stance by your company will also attract the newest and best talent to your operation.


More than ever before Profitability and Sustainability are synonymous. RAPTOR is fully committed to producing new GREEN and Sustainable products that will make sure you get the most for your dollar spent in a resource wasteful industry.


RAPTOR FRAC PUMPS is a new company that doesn’t bear the burden of supporting years of antiquated designs and wasteful practices. We have several new advanced offerings. Please check back for our newest offerings.


We are American owned and only offer products manufactured in OUR America.

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Tony Barnett