Looking through the eyes of over 40 years of experience in designing and controlling manufacturing of custom and capital equipment, at the frac pumps and parts available to the well stimulation industry, I saw a great opportunity for improvement in the design of the equipment that would bring new avenues of time and cost savings that are not currently available for the end user.


Our new Assemblies, Power Frames, and Segmented Fluid Ends offer the most innovative, longest lasting and cost effective equipment in the market place.


A RAPTORTM designed and built Power Frame with the New Combo-Cross Head assembly in a major overhaul will require No More Brass Sleeve Changes, Crossheads or New Pony Rods for the life of the power frame, under normal usage**, and will Always bring the fits back to Original Factory Clearances at a noticeable cost difference. Original Factory Clearances extend plunger and packing life.


A retro fit of our new assemblies to your pump will bring a great cost savings by the years of expected life of the non-wear parts of the assemblies and the other advantages they bring.
Most of RAPTOR’s assemblies are a true Sustainable product by definition. Sustainable products save money, resources and our products will save the consumer a lot of money.


Our new designs will help change the expectations in the oil and gas well development industry.
Please check back as we will be bringing more product on line.



Tony Barnett


** Normal usage
The following of the manufactures recommended maintenance, replacement of parts and overhaul recommendations. No more brass sleeve changes are considered four major overhauls to a Raptor Designed and built power frame under normal running conditions at the recommended overhaul schedule. We do not cover any misuse, modification, abuse or not following instructions to any of our products.