3000 and 5000 Horsepower Power Frames


These power frames are currently being developed. We plan on this being the most advanced set of power frames in the market.They will be part of our Talon line.
We believe that Electric Motors will be the drive of choice for frac pumps in the future. The Electric Drives have many advantages over Diesel Powered units in maintenance, no transmission, safety, operational cost, overhaul cost and more.
Electric Drives have a different gearing requirement than Diesel driven power frames.
The same power frames are easily converted to be Diesel driven.
These are a few of the objectives for our new power frames.

  • Designed to use many different gear ratios.
  • Strokes 8” to 12”.
  • Left or right side drive position.
  • A variety of Advanced Patent Pending Fluid Ends.
  • No more brass guide sleeves.
  • An increase usage of roller bearings in the design.
  • High pressure oiling system throughout.
  • Continuous duty operation.
  • Utilizing plastics and aluminum to help cut weight, speed up overhaul times and lower both operational and overhaul cost.
  • Have patents filed and an operational prototype built and in service before the end of the year.
  • Is being designed to be a Sustainable product.


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